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Online petition for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to grow back his mustache

An online petition is underway to get the Mayor of Milwaukee to grow back his mustache.

Change.org is a website that allows people to campaign and start petitions for various nonprofits and political campaigns.

Recently, it was the site hosting a petition to get reality star Paris Hilton booted from the Summerfest lineup.

The new petition contains an open letter to Mayor Tom Barrett.

It implores him to grow back his mustache.

It goes as far to call the mustache a Milwaukee institution for 30 years, but in 2004 \"tragedy struck\" when the Mayor shaved it off.

The post ends \"We beg of you, Mayor Barrett, bring back the 'stache and in doing so, restore the glory of this fair city.\"

As far as we know, the Mayor hasn't offered any comment.

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