Port Washington woman riding out Irma in Tallahassee

NOW: Port Washington woman riding out Irma in Tallahassee

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CBS 58) -- It's not just the southern portions of Florida bracing for Hurricane Irma. A woman living in Tallahassee who's originally from Port Washington is prepping for the storm.

Tricia Henkle says she's nervous. Being from Wisconsin, this is the first hurricane she will ever experience and she says she doesn't even know what to expect. The stores are sold out of water and gas, all of the public schools are closed and her work is shut down.

Even though she's in the northwest part of the state she says they are still expected to feel Irma's effects and she's staying put, “It's totally eerie because everyone is just trying to figure everything out. It's really kind of an eerie vibe especially because right now it really is the calm before the storm because the weather is still gorgeous outside,” said Henkle.

She said Irma's expected to reach her in Tallahassee early next week.

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