CBS58's Michael Schlesinger's show of strength & stamina during Armed Forces Week

NOW: CBS58’s Michael Schlesinger’s show of strength & stamina during Armed Forces Week

I got to push myself to the limits today during the CBS 58 Morning Show.  In observance of Armed Forces Week, I decided to take part in four endurance-testing events, including chin-ups, tire flipping, the Sniper Crawl in the sand, and the Assault Craft Paddle actually on Pewaukee Lake.  And even though my form isn't perfect, my persistence paid off.  I worked through all my obstacles.

If you want to see the real professionals compete, make sure to stop by the Armed Forces Challenge on Saturday between 10 am and 3:30 pm.  It'll be mainly on Pewaukee Lake Beach.  30 teams of four, composed of service members from all branches of service, will be on hand.  All funds raised will support various military groups, including the Wounded Warriors Project.

If  you're interested in this event, just click here.

Here's some other Michael challenges caught on video this morning.

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