'You don't have to do this,' testifies mom during Martice Fuller trial

NOW: ’You don’t have to do this,’ testifies mom during Martice Fuller trial

BRISTOL, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Jurors heard dramatic testimony from the mother of a Kenosha County teen shot to death in May 2019.

Martice Fuller is charged with killing Kaylie Juga and attempting to kill her mother, Stephanie.

Stephanie Juga told jurors she was in her room brushing her hair when she said she heard two shots and two screams from her daughter's bedroom. She threw open her bedroom door and said Martice Fuller was standing there with a gun pointed at her.

"I stopped in my doorway and I said 'oh my God Martice, please, you don't have to do this,' and he looked at me and said 'yes I do,'" said Juga.

She showed jurors how Fuller pointed the gun at her before shooting her twice. She said she ran to her bathroom after being shot and locked the door behind her, calling her husband and then 911.

The dispatcher asked her to check on her daughter.

"At first I told her no, I didn't want to, but then I heard my dog barking so I figured it would be safe to open my door," said Juga.

She went to Kaylie's bedroom.

"I saw her laying on the ground, lifeless, her lips were turning blue, and she wasn't moving," said Juga.

Fuller's attorney asked if the adrenaline and emotion from that moment could have caused her memory to be mistaken. She said no.

"No, the only mistake I made was saying I was 38 instead of 39," said Juga.

Fuller has pleaded not guilty to killing Kaylie, attempting to kill Stephanie, and burglary with a dangerous weapon. His cousin said Fuller came to her house hours after the shooting. She testified Fuller told her what happened.

"He shot her once, and then he freaked out and he snapped, and shot at the mom twice," said Annshaniecee Andrews.

The medical examiner testified the gunshot wounds to Kaylie Juga were likely not survivable even if a team of surgeons had been at her house.

Fuller's trial continues Wednesday.

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