Prosecutors play dramatic 911 audio in day 1 of Martice Fuller trial

NOW: Prosecutors play dramatic 911 audio in day 1 of Martice Fuller trial

BRISTOL, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The trial of a Kenosha County teenager accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and attempting to kill her mother in May 2019 has started.

Martice Fuller is accused of killing Kaylie Juga in May 2019, following their breakup months earlier.

Prosecutors said Fuller was furious with Juga, blaming her for his expulsion and removal from the football team. They say on May 9, he snuck into her home and shot her.

They played the desperate 911 call from Kaylie Juga's mother, Stephanie, moments after the shooting. Stephanie Juga had been rushing to her daughter's bedroom after hearing her scream.

She told the dispatcher Fuller shot her twice. The dispatcher guided her through CPR after Stephanie discovered Kaylie's body in her bedroom, on the floor and turning blue.

Prosecutors said Fuller first shot Kaylie Juga five times, killing her, before shooting Stephanie Juga.

"Because Kaylie and her mom ruined my life," said Deputy District Attorney Angelina Gabriele describing a conversation between Fuller and another friend he asked to help him commit the murder.

Gabriele told jurors Fuller was furious he had been kicked out of school and removed from the football team following two incidents with Kaylie Juga at school earlier in 2019.

"Martice Fuller was Kaylie Juga's first boyfriend, and he made sure he was her last," said Gabriele.

Prosecutors plan to call several witnesses during the trial. Fuller's defense attorney told jurors the witnesses have bad information.

"It's all nonsense, designed to distract you from the holes in the state's case," said Defense Attorney Jillian Scheideggar.

Fuller has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

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