'We’re not going to see an uptick in customers:' Small restaurant owners say new capacity limit won't change much

NOW: ’We’re not going to see an uptick in customers:’ Small restaurant owners say new capacity limit won’t change much

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- It's a glimmer of hope for restaurants and bars. They can now allow 50 percent capacity.

“We’re eager to get more restrictions lifted, we're eager to do it safely of course," Kristine Hillmer said. She is the President of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association. 

Hillmer says the new capacity order only really only affects businesses with no safety plan.

“If you have a large square room, you can fit more tables in because you have flexibility to move it around," Hiller said. "If you have a very narrow space, you’re going to be very limited on what you can do so with a safety plan there’s no change on the capacity, that has to do with bars with no safety plan.” 

“Whether it’s 25 percent or 50 percent, we’re not going to see an uptick in customers until customers feel comfortable in coming back," Daniel Jacobs tells CBS 58. He is the chef owner of DanDan restaurant.

He feels the orders are unfair because he says it helps larger venues not his business. 

“Having 10 people when a restaurant can have 70, it doesn’t make sense and they have five times the size we have.” 

People can now also walk around and stand if they're not eating or drinking.

“You have to have your mask on when you’re moving around but if you’re standing in place and you’re eating a sandwich or drinking you don’t have to have your mask on, it just seems confusing," Jacobs said. 

Ally Berndt is the Front House Manager at Tusk. She says the new capacity order helps.

“More people want to come out and obviously we can have more people."

Berndt says her customers are excited for some extra wiggle room.

“Almost every shift someone comes in and just say this is the first time in months.” 

“Even with 50 percent capacity, there are still tables and chairs open at restaurants, please visit them. don’t be afraid.” 10:50:17

Guests are still required to wear masked social distancing is still six feet.

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