Vos walks back primary night comments about Gableman

NOW: Vos walks back primary night comments about Gableman

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Fresh off a narrower-than-expected victory over a Trump-endorsed candidate in Tuesday's primary, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos called former State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, "an embarrassment to this state."

Wednesday, in an interview with CBS 58's Bill Walsh, Vos softened his comments about the man who he hired to investigate the 2020 election, and the man who later endorsed his primary challenger, Adam Steen. 

"It really is about his actions, that's what I was describing," Vos said. "All we asked was to make sure he keeps us informed, that he doesn't engage in partisan politics, and that he tries to minimize his political involvement to show that this is not a partisan event."

But critics say the Gableman investigation into the 2020 election was partisan from the very start. A twitter thread Wednesday from Assembly Minority Leader Greta Neubauer details several partisan events Gableman attended using taxpayer money.

Today, Democrats on the Joint Legislative Audit Committee called for a comprehensive audit of the Office of Special Counsel led by Michael Gableman, calling the more than $1 million spent, "one of the most blatant misappropriations of tax dollars in our state's history."

Vos dismissed the letter from Democrats as a headline grab, "because they know that every single bill we paid is a public document already."

While Vos agrees that some of the money on the Gableman investigation was not well spent, it is for much different reasons.

"Most of the money that has been spent was not spent on the investigation, it was spent on these liberal special interest groups who didn't even want to discuss that there were problems with the 2020 election," he said.

As for the future of the Gableman investigation, Vos hints that its days are numbered.

"We need to begin to wrap this up, we already know what happened in 2020, and we need to look at going forward," he said.

An investigation by the conservative group Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty into the 2020 election found no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

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