Video shows car chase that led to death of Nikia Rogers' suspected killer

NOW: Video shows car chase that led to death of Nikia Rogers’ suspected killer

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- New video shows the car chase that led to the death of 47-year-old Ernest Terrell Blakney. He was named the suspect in Nikia Rogers' death and was facing sexual assault charges of a minor.

The chase began just before 11 p.m. Friday on 22nd and National Avenue and ended near Juneau and Edison Street where Blakney was fatally shot by police.

Nikia Rogers is one of the latest victims of domestic homicide. According to a criminal complaint, officers responded to a house fire on Aug. 25 when they found the lifeless body of Rogers inside. She sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

Rogers' family said she was attempting to leave her relationship with Blakney. Her mother tells us Rogers did not feel like her partner would hurt her.

Domestic violence advocate Antonia Drew-Norton said in some instances, the first domestic violence incident can be fatal, especially for women of color.

"In the domestic violence homicides, 90% of these victims are African American women. We need to look for design, innovative approaches to what we are doing in this field," said Drew-Norton, director of the Asha Project.

She believes that men should be part of the conversation to curb and end domestic violence homicides and cases in Milwaukee.

"What we need to do is incorporate men into that, into the work, and men in leadership roles. In particularly to end violence against women and girls," said Drew-Norton.

She also believes a good way to make the public aware of the resources available to the community is by advertising through social media, as she said most of the perpetrators are men with the age average of 24 years old.

If you or someone you know needs domestic violence resources, check out The Asha Project by clicking here.

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