'Thought it was a drill:' Students, parents react after shooting inside Waukesha South HS

NOW: ’Thought it was a drill:’ Students, parents react after shooting inside Waukesha South HS

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It was an emotional and scary day for students and parents after gunshots were fired inside Waukesha South High School on Monday, Dec. 2. 

The school was put on lockdown and then classes were dismissed. A 17-year-old student was shot and is in custody. 

Parents waited outside the school, anxiously waiting to hear and see from their children. Some of them sent and received texts to their kids they'll never forget. 

"When I heard three bangs, that sounded like someone hitting something on the ground," said Draven Markiewicz.

When Draven Markiewicz heard the shots, he sent his parents the dreaded text. 

"There's a lockdown at school, it's not a drill, I love you all, and I started to freak out," said Michael Markowizc, Draven's father. 

His mom thought one thing, and texted back "play dead," while his dad rushed to the school. 

"When I turned on my GPS to find the fastest way, it said 16 minutes. It seemed like 45," David Coker, parent. 

For so many parents, the only impulse was just to see their kids again. 

"It was terrifying," said Cynthia Walker. "I didn't feel relief until just now when she walked out the building."

There were hugs all around as students told their parents what they were feeling. 

"I thought it was a drill... when a teacher kind of started panicking... that's when I knew that this was getting serious," said Shayla Walker. 

"I was scared because I didn't know where he was, and I thought maybe he would get into the locker room and start shooting," said Jackson Heibler, freshman. 

Luckily this was not a mass shooting. 

"I wouldn't wish this on anybody, it has to stop, there has to be some answers," said Jamie Larsen Heibler. 

However, for many, luck is not the right word. 

"You never know when it's going to be your last. I wake up every morning and I pray and thank God for another," Walker said. 

The school dismissed students by grade. Some were taken by bus, and most were picked up by their parents. 

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