Milwaukee's next reopening phase pushed back

NOW: Milwaukee’s next reopening phase pushed back


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee residents will have to wait another week before the city considers loosening its coronavirus restrictions. Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik said there are still too many tests coming back positive.

Testing data show ten percent of tests are positive; the city wants that rate to come down to five percent. Kowalik said the health department is also worried about the number of cases in the city's Hispanic community.

Health data show there are 2.5 times more cases of disease among Hispanic residents than African American or Asian residents. The city has also seen an increase in the number of cases of Hispanic children younger than 15.

Health officials didn't point to a specific cause for that increase, other than an attitude of invicibility some children may have towards the virus. They caution there is not much known about the long term effects of a coronavirus infection, and they worry children could spread the disease.

"You could be infecting someone that will have a difficult time fighting it because their immune system is compromised, or they may be over the age of 65," said Kowalik.

She urged people celebrating Juneteenth on Friday, June 19 to be careful and suggested wearing masks, remaining six feet apart, and washing your hands.

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