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MCTS deploys more buses to practice social distancing amid COVID-19 pandemic

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Starting Friday, April 3, you will see more Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) buses on the streets amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

A spokesperson tells CBS 58 it's a strategic move to help eliminate crowded buses and so that riders and drivers can practice social distancing. They are also asking riders to wait for another bus if they see one that is full. 

They say MCTS has seen a significant decrease in ridership since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. 

So far, three bus drivers have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and all of them were working at the Fond du Lac station. 

Two drivers are recovering at home and one is recovering and back to work. The two who are at home haven't worked since March 20 and March 25. 

Buses are currently free to ride but riders have to use the back door to enter. 

CBS 58 reached out to Amalgamated Transit Local Union 988, who previously had concerns about safety. They tell us fortunately a group donated 400 masks for drivers at the Fond du Lac station to keep them safe. 

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JohnMcCormack 57 days ago
The mistake they made was suspending fares. I don't have a car and have to go out nearly every day to stores to see if sold-out items especially medicine has been re-stocked. The first 10 days after the Governor ordered everything shut down the buses were practically empty. I would go from Hwy 100 and Capitol to the Walmart on Layton Avenue and at most on that entire trip there would be between 2 to 3 people besides myself. Since the suspension of fares the bus is half-full before we even reach Wisconsin Avenue. And it gets worse as the morning goes on. I've had to take the Rt 55 a couple times to hit other stores I needed to check when Walmart didn't have what we needed and by the time we would reach 27th street the bus would be half full. No one got off at Pick N Save or Dollar Tree so don't tell me they were shopping. And you can tell by the way they were dressed that they weren't on their way to work either. Re-Institute the fares and I guarantee that this problem will alleviate by half.
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