Union leader: MCTS bus drivers fear exposure to coronavorus

Union leader: MCTS bus drivers fear exposure to coronavorus

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A union leader who represents Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) drivers said his workers are panicked as more people are testing positive for the coronavirus in Milwaukee County, and he said MCTS is not doing enough to keep them safe. 

Amalgamated Transit Local Union 988 President James Macon said, his drivers have not been given adequate hand sanitizer and the buses are not being cleaned properly. 

Another concern Macon has is how will drivers get paid if the system is shut down. 

Also, with many places shutting down because of COVID-19, Macon said his drivers are having trouble finding bathrooms along their routes. 

Tuesday, March 17, Gov. Tony Evers ordered a statewide ban on gatherings of ten people or more and Macon said MCTS buses often have more riders than that at any given time, and it puts drivers in potential danger. 

Macon said Evers needs to address this issue and his plan moving forward. Macon is not calling for the system to be shut down, but that the issues need to be addressed by MCTS.

“I understand how important the system is and most of the drivers understand how important the system is. Everybody is in the panic mode. All my drivers are in the panic mode because they have families, the older, day care you know. They are worried about their families also so that’s the issue, but if you are going to have the system running make sure people are protected,” Macon said.

CBS 58 reached out to MCTS for comment and a spokesperson said they were meeting Wednesday morning, March 18, about the coronavirus and they may provide us with an update soon. 

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