Kemps donates 36,000 chocolate milk packs to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- More than 150,000 children across Wisconsin will worry about where their next meal is coming from today. 

Kemps, a local dairy manufacturer, wants to help food pantries keep their shelves stocked year-round. Milk is one item that has a short shelf life, but it's also a highly-requested item by people. 

“This is one of those key products that we’re always looking for," said Jeff Joslyn, the director of food resources at Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. 

That's why Kemps makes "Giving Cow" milk cartons full of ultra-pasteurized milk. The Giving Cow milk is fresh for up to a year on the shelf, and it doesn't need to be refrigerated. 

On Wednesday, March 30, Kemps dropped off 36,000 half-pints of Giving Cow chocolate milk cartons at the Feeding America warehouse. 

"Milk is actually one of the most requested items at the food banks based on its nutritional value," said Keith Zuehler, Kemps general manager. "And unfortunately [it's] one of the least donated items, just based on refrigeration space." 

The longer shelf life of the ultra-pasteurized milk means food banks can keep milk stocked for busier seasons.

"To even out those timelines, so that we always have something available regardless of the peaks and valleys of the demand that we have from the community," said Joslyn.

A normal shelf life of a chocolate milk carton is just 20 days.  Giving Cow is made just for community pantries.

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