HQ Trivia gaining popularity, more people looking for ways to cheat

NOW: HQ Trivia gaining popularity, more people looking for ways to cheat

Have you heard of HQ Trivia? If not, you probably know someone who plays. It happens twice a day on your cell phone and if you answer 12 questions right, you can win real money.

Lately, it's been hard to miss HQ Trivia and its main host, Scott Rogowsky. Almost 2 million people were not watching Justin Timberlake, they were glued to their cell phones during halftime of the Superbowl. Only 168 people answered all the questions right, shared the $20-thousand pot, and walked away with $119 and some change.

When people win, it's an achievement. And even though they sometimes only win pocket change, they get excited

Now there's a website to help you win. Some would say, to help you cheat. It's called HQuack. When the host reads the question on HQ Trivia, HQuack does a Google search and searches the three possible answers, rating each by probability. It then chooses the answer it thinks is right.

Here's the problem, we've tried it at least a dozen games and H-Quack never got through all 12 questions. It gets a lot of questions right. HQuack advertises an 82% success rate but you never know exactly when not to trust the recommended answer. And in HQ Trivia, one wrong answer and you're out.

So the good news is that no one has ruined a popular game for everybody. The bad news, a website looks to be already 82% of the way there.

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