Grafton School Board approves five day a week reopening plan with virtual option

GRAFTON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Grafton Board of Education approved the district's full week in person reopening plan in a 6-1 vote in Monday night's board meeting. After nearly three hours of discussion, board members adopted Superintendent Jeff Nelson's plan for a five day a week in-person reopening plan that includes a virtual learning option for families who choose to do so.

The bulk of the discussion centered around the wearing of masks by students and teachers in the school. Board members voted to change the wording from "students will wear face coverings" to "students must wear face coverings" and gave staff members discretion as to when to require or not require face masks.

Board members voted to change the word 'will' to 'must.' Grafton School District

Virtual learners will attend live-streamed "synchronous"  instruction of the core subjects at the elementary level while completely non-core subject work on their own time.

Grades 6-12 students that choose to learn virtually will attend all subjects on synchronous live streams for the length of the school day.

The Grafton School district is not offering a hybrid in-person/virtual model.

Read the entire draft plan by clicking here.

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