FPC Executive Director Griselda Aldrete withdraws from reappointment

NOW: FPC Executive Director Griselda Aldrete withdraws from reappointment

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The executive director of the Fire and Police Commission has resigned. 

Griselda Aldrete sent a letter to the mayor and Common Council announcing that she is withdrawing from seeking reappointment. 

In the letter, FPC Director Aldrete says while it wasn't any easy decision, it was the right decision.

She says the political climate at city hall was one of the reasons for her withdrawal. 

Aldrete pointed out in the letter the next FPC director would be the fourth one in three years, and said in part:

"Regrettably, it is hard not to argue dysfunction has been baked into the FPC governance structure for far too long, with too many interests pulling in too many dissonant directions."

Aldrete has served as FPC director for the past 11 months, and has been involved in a number of controversial Milwaukee police matters -- including the investigation of Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Mattioli, who was charged with the death of a 25-year-old man.

Aldrete also contributed to the investigation of a leaked police interview last August, an ACLU stop and frisk settlement, and reform for the police department's use of force procedure. 

While a number of Milwaukee alderpersons have declined to comment on Aldrete's withdrawal, Mayor Tom Barrett said in a statement:

"Griselda came in at a very difficult time and made significant positive contributions, particularly as it relates to the ACLU lawsuit compliance. I am thankful for her service."

Senator Lena Taylor, who's been a strong critic of the city, says there's no question a mess is being left behind.

"An executive director that is experienced is crucial, an executive director that is independent is more crucial -- and so the real issue -- if I could be honest, is not even the executive director stepping down, it's whether the mayor will stay out of the Fire and Police Commission," she said. 

Aldrete says she plans to remain in her position until a new director has been found. 

She plans on helping with the transition.

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