Witnesses to attacks near Deer District speak out

NOW: Witnesses to attacks near Deer District speak out

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Thousands were in the Deer District, on Third Street and Water Street in downtown Milwaukee when shots rang out three different times over the course of the Friday night.

Some of the worst of that shooting was at Juneau and Water Street, shots through windows, impact points of bullets on the pillar at the corner, when it happened, MSOE students watched it all from their dorms.

"Didn't know what to do, we were like are we okay? Are we safe living here? How should we feel about all of this? Especially considering that there's a game on Sunday again too," said MSOE Student Michael Tulsky who was right above where it happened.

In the video he and his friends shot, you can see police responding on foot, in vehicles, and even on horseback, to people downed seemingly from the shots.

"A lot of this was very traumatizing I think me and my friends were talking about it until 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock in the morning," said Tulsky.

Around an hour and a half before all this happened on Water Street, Nabeel Sahar was tapped on his shoulder and told to get down while sitting in the window section of Third Street Tavern.

"I just saw a stampede of people running away," said Sahar, "I started hearing gunshots, pop pop pop, and all of us just got under the booth, under the table, chest down on the ground."

He said after all this, it's hard to want to go out to the Deer District for a Bucks game.

"You know it sucks because I love our community, I love this city, I love everything about it, and I want to have faith you can walk around the streets and be safe that you can be in a bar and have a couple beers and watch sports and be okay," said Sahar, ":Yesterday was not one of those days so you kind of have to like pause."

Police said if you have video of yourself, or know anything, to contact them.

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