Wisconsin Republicans vow to undo Evers' mask order

NOW: Wisconsin Republicans vow to undo Evers’ mask order

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Saturday, Aug 1, Wisconsinites will need to wear some type of face covering throughout the state. But legislative Republicans vow to reject the new mask mandate. They plan to call the legislature into session to pass a joint resolution rejecting Governor Tony Evers’ emergency declaration. It will only take a simple majority vote in both chambers. If passed, the mask order will die.

“Well a lot of the governors they have different requirements, some of the governors are very strong on masks, others aren’t. I think its going to be ultimately up to them,” said President Donald Trump during a news conference July 22.

Governor Tony Evers joined President Trump’s strong group of governors when it comes to masks, ordering everyone in Wisconsin to wear one starting Saturday August 1.

“We need you to mask up folks,” said Evers.

The governor’s order followed a recommendation from President Trump’s coronavirus task force, which put Wisconsin in the red zone the week of July 26 because of an increasing number of coronavirus cases. But State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald put out a statement Friday July 31 saying he’s got the votes to put down the mask order. CBS 58 called all ten Republican senators in our viewing area. Three got back to us, only two were available for an interview.

“It was rather delayed if it was about public health, which it’s not, it’s about the November election,” said State Senator Steve Nass. (R-Whitewater)

Nass believes the governor can’t declare a second public health emergency for coronavirus.

“This is a power grab, it’s an illegal action quite frankly,” said Nass.

Senator Luther Olsen (R-Ripon) said he’d only require masks if the hospitals were filling up.

“If the hospitals were busting at the seams, their intensive care units, but we’re not even close to that,” said Olsen.

Both senators said they’ll vote to reject Evers’  mask order and suggest people should follow Centers for Disease Control Guidelines. Yet, the CDC said people should wear them.

“If we could get everybody to wear a mask right now, I really do think in the next four, six, eight weeks, we could bring this epidemic under control,” said CDC Director Robert Redfield.

A date for the legislature to meet hasn’t been set. The Republicans control both chambers. Governor Tony Evers cannot veto joint resolutions.

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