Wisconsin Poison Center handling more calls amid extended 'Safer at Home' order

NOW: Wisconsin Poison Center handling more calls amid extended ’Safer at Home’ order

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin Poison Center said it's handled a 44-percent increase in calls related to household cleaners and disinfectants since Wisconsin's Safer at Home order too effect in late March. 

Clinical Toxicologist, Matt Stanton, said the combination of having more people at home, with more chemicals, leads to more exposure. 

"People are using some of these products to wash food, or wash masks, which I don't advise," Stanton said. 

Stanton said in teh six days following President Donald Trump's comments on injecting disinfectants, 13 calls came in requesting information on ingesting or inhaling disinfectants and cleaners. There were two such calls the prior week. 

Poison Control Centers nationwide have seen an increase in calls for exposures to household cleaners and disinfectants. 

Data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers show exposure to household cleaners made up the second most calls to poison control in Wisconsin. 

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