Wisconsin family set to return from Wuhan, China

NOW: Wisconsin family set to return from Wuhan, China

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- A Neenah man will soon be reunited with his wife and kids who were trapped in China during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Samuel Roth's wife and his two girls are in Wuhan, China. They missed the first U.S. evacuation plane last week. He says he's relieved to find out they'll be getting on a plane back to the U.S. Tuesday, Feb. 4.

They won't be flying close to home -- they'll be taken to one of 11 designated airports for people flying in from China. 

"Really, my anxiety ends as soon as they get on the airplane," Roth said. 

Samuel Roth says it's been difficult not having his wife, Daisy, and his two girls safe at home. 

"Yeah, I just miss her presence. It just brings out a warm household," he said. 

Roth says even though it may be hard for him, his family is having an even harder time on lockdown in Wuhan. 

"They're really bored. They've been inside the apartment now for two weeks."

His family's flight will take off at 10 p.m. China time, but with Wuhan on lockdown, traveling to the airport poses problems. 

"There's a lot of uncertainty about just the logistics," Roth said. 

The Department of Homeland Security is rerouting planes from China to one of 11 designated airports to minimize coronavirus exposure. In a statement, DHS acting secretary Chad Wolf said:

"We realize this could provide added stress and prolong travel times for some individuals, however public health and security experts agree these measures are necessary to contain the virus and protect the American people."

U.S. citizens arriving from Wuhan, China are subject to quarantine and health screenings. 

"I believe that there's an expected quarantine of anywhere from three days to 14 days."

Even with the coronavirus looming in China, Roth says it will not stop them from one day going back to visit. 

"I don't think I would say don't travel or be afraid, because that's not the way we want to live our lives," he said. 

Even with his family likely having to do an up to two-week quarantine, Roth is remaining hopeful and is looking forward to teh day he can have them back in his arms.

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