We Energies installing mobile transformers in Burlington

We Energies continues to work on restoring power for customers in Burlington after record flooding.

Floodwaters knocked out power from the electrical substation in Burlington. Initially, 25,000 customers lost power after our substation was knocked out, but We Energies re-routed power to get as many customers back in service as possible. They are now working to get power back to the remaining 4,000 customers who are without service.

On Thursday, mobile transformers were brought to the affected area to essentially replace the substation. Installation of these units is a complex process and changes the way power is delivered to customers. When the units are operational, power restoration will happen in stages. The goal is to get power back to all homes and businesses by Friday afternoon.

The water has begun to recede from the substation, which takes electricity from high-voltage transmission wires to a lower voltage for customers. When flooded, the substation could not deliver electricity to the wires serving customers. The water in the substation damaged equipment that must be repaired or replaced. We Energies is assessing the damage and working to clean up and repair the substation as quickly and safely as possible.

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