Water at Elementary School in Menomonee Falls Tests Positive for Copper

The principal of Ben Franklin Elementary School in the Menomonee Falls School District sent parents a letter on Wednesday telling them that the 4K wing of the school is using bottled water until further notice due to a positive test for copper in a classroom sink. The sink that tested positive is not used for drinking water and after testing no other areas of the school tested positive for copper.

According to the letter, all other buildings in the district have also been tested for copper and lead and have all come back negative.

The note goes on to say that school districts are not required to test for copper or lead but they felt it was important to, "be proactive to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff."

Elevated copper levels can cause gastrointestinal issues but no such issues have been reported in the school's 4K wing.

The water line is expected to be re-tested on Thursday.

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