Walker and Kleefisch believe Sterling Brown arrest video is "disconcerting" and "alarming"

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A spokeswoman for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he believes video of Milwaukee police using a stun gun on a Bucks player shows why body cameras are important.

Spokeswoman Amy Hasenberg says Walker also agrees with Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch's comments Thursday calling the newly released video "disconcerting" and "alarming." The footage shows a group of officers taking Sterling Brown to the ground and using a stun gun after questioning him about illegally parking at a Walgreens in January.

The Republican Kleefisch was asked about the video Thursday during an interview on C-SPAN. Gov. Scott Walker has not commented publicly on the police body camera video shows a possible parking citation escalating into a rough Taser takedown. Brown was never charged.

Kleefisch says the police reaction was "inappropriate ... particularly if someone was non-confrontational."

Kleefisch says she's waiting to see a transcription of the audio which was difficult to hear on the video released Wednesday. But even without the transcription, Kleefisch says "it seemed alarming to me."

Hasenberg says Walker believes body cameras "are good for both the public and law enforcement" because they "provide documentation so a thorough investigation can be completed and individuals held accountable."

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