UW "does not care about people of color" says chair of student government

(WISC) The outgoing chair of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's student government blasted the university in a letter that has been widely circulated on social media, saying the university "does not care about people of color."

The full letter can be read below.

Carmen Gosey, the outgoing chair of UW's Associated Students of Madison, said in the letter that she felt the need to leave the organization honestly.

Gosey is from Racine and went to Case High School.

"I am no longer content with the University's actions and active silencing of students of color on this campus. I ask people of color to reconsider your place at this institution. I ask parents of color to rethink sending your children to this institution," she wrote.

UW spokesperson John Lucas said Friday that campus officials disagree with Gosey's letter.

"UW-Madison is working to create a welcoming and inclusive community for all," Lucas said in an email to News 3. "There is much more work to be done, but in the past academic year, we launched Our Wisconsin, an inclusion program for new students, opened a black cultural center, added support services for students and faculty of color and surveyed our entire community about our campus climate. We care about all of our students, faculty and staff and want them to succeed and thrive here."

Gosey's letter comes at the end of a tumultuous ASM session, during which Gosey co-sponsored a resolution asking the university to divest from private prisons, fossil fuel corporations, border walls and arms manufacturers. The resolution passed 24-0 at ASM's April 26 session, with two representatives abstaining.

Campus officials quickly issued a statement outlining Chancellor Rebecca Blank's opposition to the measure, highlighting the fact that Jewish members of ASM walked out of the meeting after saying the process was undemocratic and that the campus is obligated to "maximize the impact of a donor's gift."

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