UPDATE: Dachshund Dies after Coyote Attack

Wauwatosa Police are investigating a coyote attack along Underwood Parkway around 6:40 AM Thursday morning.

A woman was walking her Dachshund without a leash when a coyote ran out of the woods and grabbed the dog.

The woman managed to get the coyote to drop the dog, picked the dog up and started running towards home with the coyote following.

When police arrived, the officer scared away the coyote and put the woman and dog in his squad car. Two more coyotes emerged from the woods, but the officer chased them back. 

The Doxie suffered severe puncture wounds. Police took the woman and the dog to a vet clinic where the dog had to be put down.

Wauwatosa Police are putting extra patrols in the area especially during high traffic times when school is letting out and are trying to make the public aware of the situation.

Wauwatosa police are working with DNR.

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