University of Wisconsin regents approve plan to merge two-year schools with four-year campuses

(AP) -- The University of Wisconsin System regents have approved a plan to merge the system's two-year schools with its four-year campuses.

The regents approved the proposal on a voice vote Thursday. Tony Evers and Janice Mueller were the only regents to vote against the plan.

The plan calls for transforming the system's 13 two-year schools into regional branches of seven of the 13 four-year schools. Students could still earn associate degrees but they would bear the name of the four-year school. Students also would get a wider range of courses to choose from and be able to take third- and fourth-year courses at the branch campuses.

UW-Extension's divisions would fall under UW-Madison and system administration's control.

The plan would take effect July 1, 2018.

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