Two MPD Officers Save Woman from Jumping Off Bridge

A citizen in crisis was saved by Milwaukee Police Officers after they prevented her from jumping off a West Side Bridge. District Three officers were dispatched around 9:10 AM on June 16 to the 35th Street Viaduct for a suicidal person.

When officers arrived, a woman was sitting on the bridge crying with her legs over the railing. Officers Charles Seelow and Kathryn Anderer began to talk to the woman as she further indicated she was going to jump. As Officer Anderer utilized her Crisis Intervention Training, Officer Seelow positioned himself opposite of the woman. The woman was distracted for a brief moment at which time Officer Seelow reached over the railing and pulled her to safety.

The woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment and later admitted to Milwaukee County Mental Health. The calm but thoughtful actions of these officers and their ability to make decisive actions in seconds helped save the life of a citizen in crisis.

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