'Troubling to see the numbers': Sheriff Lucas reacts to Milwaukee’s increasing violence

NOW: ’Troubling to see the numbers’: Sheriff Lucas reacts to Milwaukee’s increasing violence

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas is speaking out about violence plaguing the city of Milwaukee. 

Eleven-year-old Ta'Niyla Parker is the latest child killed in Milwaukee. 

According to Milwaukee police, there were 146 homicides and 693 non-fatal shootings from Jan. 1-Oct. 4 compared to 143 homicides and 542 non-fatal shootings in 2020.

"It's really troubling to see the numbers," said Sheriff Lucas.

Sheriff Lucas says the age of gun violence victims keeps getting younger.

He says this should scare people into doing something about it.

"We've got an issue of crime and violence in our community and a fear that we've got to try and solve if we're going to make Milwaukee a better place," he said. 

Parker was killed Saturday night near Sherman and Burleigh while sitting in a car. Her younger sister was also hurt.

"A young child, so innocent, so unoffending," Lucas said. 

For a moment, Sheriff Lucas says violence was on a downward trend, and they had success over years. Now, it's time to regroup.

"We have to redouble our efforts now, we have to bring everyone together."

He's urging law enforcement, organizations and leaders to go out in the community and figure out what's the core issue.

Sheriff Lucas touted an anti-violent initiative in Boston, saying it can also be done in Milwaukee.

"They combined the two-prong approach of courageous, strong law enforcement with a collaborate approach of working with the community, clergy, probation and parole, getting out of the four walls, trying to solve the problem."

"For a period, they were able to impact the violence in their city. I'm confident we can do the same thing here," Lucas said.

There has yet to be an arrest made in Parker's case.

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