Colbert apologizes for 'Virtual Tour' video of Milwaukee, says he'll visit if he can run with Brewers' sausages

NOW: Colbert apologizes for ’Virtual Tour’ video of Milwaukee, says he’ll visit if he can run with Brewers’ sausages

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- 'The Late Show' host Stephen Colbert is apologizing for a video aired on his show during the Democratic National Convention depicting a 'virtual tour' of Milwaukee.

The satirical virtual tour of Milwaukee made several jokes VISIT Milwaukee said were outdated.

"Apparently actual Milwaukee did not care for it, local news outlets declared it insulting," he said. "I feel bad, the city lost valuable revenue when the DNC canceled, they were expecting to bring all of that into Milwaukee, but they lost it through no fault of their own."

Colbert went on to say he will apologize in the official language of the Midwest, the 'polite apology'.

"Hey Milwaukee, um, I'm really sorry," he said.

It was an apology accepted by VISIT Milwaukee. 

"I think you can consider this our formal acceptance of his apology. We like that he spoke to us in a Midwestern apology, to be specific, and of course we are totally in line with the Brewers invitation to him to come here when we can have sports game again with fans and big crowds of people," said Claire Koenig with VISIT Milwaukee, "We’d love to show him the Milwaukee that we all know and love, and I’m sure there will be plenty of things to laugh at, too."

In the video, Colbert went on to say the segment was mostly written by one of his employees who is from Madison (and is "probably jealous of Milwaukee").

Colbert said he will come to Milwaukee and Miller Park once it is safe, as long as he can run with the Famous Racing Sausages.

The Brewers responded in a tweet with the racing sausages holding signs "CAN'T WAIT TO MEAT YOU" 

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