State Treasurer Godlewski next Democrat to enter U.S. Senate race

NOW: State Treasurer Godlewski next Democrat to enter U.S. Senate race

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin’s Treasurer Sarah Godlewski is joining a growing list of Democrats who are running for U.S. Senate, a seat currently held by Senator Ron Johnson, who has yet to announce whether he’s seeking reelection. 

Godlewski presented herself as “different” in a three-minute campaign video when comparing herself to Johnson. The Republican senator, who remains undecided on a third term, is a centerpiece of Godlewski’s campaign ad and his response to the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

"Instead of conspiracy theories, we can focus on actually helping families," Godlewski said.

Born and raised in Eau Claire, Godlewski is focused on raising the minimum wage, climate change, jobs and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. 

“Wisconsinites are really sick of talking, they just want someone who is going to do the work, and I have a record of getting things done,” Godlewski said.  

She joins several other Democrats already in the race, including Alex Lasry, Milwaukee Bucks executive, Tom Nelson, Outagamie County executive, and Gillian Battino, a radiologist. 

Her opponents welcomed her to race, and Lasry said they both share a common goal of having two Democratic senators represent Wisconsinites. 

“I’m running to make sure we give Tammy (Baldwin) another partner so that we actually deliver results for the people of Wisconsin,” Lasry said. 

Nelson challenged Godlewski, as he did with Lasry, about not spending any personal money in the race. 

“I welcome Sarah Godlewski into the race as we all stand united to defeat Ron Johnson. No one should buy a Senate seat,” said Nelson. “I ask the same question as I did of Alex: Will you commit not to spend your own wealth or 'invest' in your campaign?”

Other Democrats exploring a run include Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes and Steven Olikara, founder of the Millennial Action Project.  

In a statement, the Republican Party of Wisconsin accused Godlewski of “embellishing her accomplishments, lying about her resume and failing to deliver anything of substance,” said spokeswoman Anna Kelly. 

“These are partisan attacks, and what I learned running for state treasurer is the opposition is going to do whatever they can to break you down, and quite frankly, deflect from the issues,” Godlewski said. 

Sen. Johnson has not decided whether he will seek reelection for his seat in 2022, but he said his pledge about not seeking another term is "probably my preference now."

Last week, former President Donald Trump endorsed Johnson to run for a third Senate term announcing in a new statement “Run, Ron, Run!”

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