Former Pres. Trump endorses Sen. Johnson for Senate run; 'Run, Ron, Run!'

Wisconsin (CBS58) -- Former President Donald Trump endorsed Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin to run for a third Senate term even though the Senator has yet to decide whether he will seek reelection.  

Trump announced the news in a statement Thursday, Aug. 8 asking Johnson to "Run, Ron, Run!."

"Even though he has not yet announced that he is running, and I certainly hope he does, I am giving my Complete and Total Endorsement to Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. He is brave, he is bold, he loves our Country, our Military, and our Vets. He will protects our Second Amendment, and everything else we stand for. It is the kind of courage we need in the U.S. Senate. He has no idea how popular he is. Run, Ron, Run!" 
    -President Donald Trump 

Johnson, in a text to The Associated Press, said he appreciated Trump’s “words of support and encouragement.” He did not respond when asked who Trump’s endorsement affects his decision-making process, according to the AP. 

Sen. Johnson has not decided whether he will seek reelection for his seat in 2022, but he said to his pledge about not seeking another term is "probably my preference now."

While the Republican weighs his decision, Democrats already in the race include Alex Larsy, Milwaukee Bucks executive, and Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive. Other Democrats exploring a run include Lt. Governor Mandela Barns and state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski.

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