State Fair organizers concerned, but prepared, for chance of dangerous weather

NOW: State Fair organizers concerned, but prepared, for chance of dangerous weather

WEST ALLIS (CBS 58) -- With severe weather in the forecast for Tuesday, Aug. 10, you might be questioning if an evening outing to the fair is a good idea.

Wisconsin State Fair organizers said they expect weather in the coming days to have an impact on attendance, but they have plans in place if things get bad.

"[We're] out here having a good time, trying to enjoy the fair. The weather held off a little bit today, can't complain about that," said fair-goer Tyler Martins.

Martins, like many at the fair Monday night, was glad the rain mostly held off in the evening to make more time for rides and fun.

Organizers said the thought of people being dissuaded from coming to the fair is on their minds, especially after last year's closure due to COVID-19.

"Weather is a huge factor in attendance under normal circumstances, and certainly under these circumstances," said Kathleen OLeary, Wisconsin State Fair Park CEO.

She said they work closely with the weather service, and have plans in place at their emergency operations center to monitor and direct people to safety, and even evacuate if needed.

"We have a lot of different areas, buildings, facilities, that are also safe shelters," said O'Leary.

She said those safe buildings on the grounds, with things to see and do, can also protect from spotty showers.

"Where we still have some weather that isn't bright and sunny, don't change your plans. You can still come and have an amazing fair experience because you can duck in," said O'Leary.

Martins said it sounds like a decision everyone will make for themselves.

"If people want to come out here enough they'll come out either way, bring an umbrella, bring a poncho," said Martins.

O'Leary said the number one thing on their minds after last year's canceled event is the safety of those who choose to come out.

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