Spring Cleaning: Finding the hidden treasures in your home

Spring Cleaning: Finding the hidden treasures in your home

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We're not too far off from spring cleaning though a lot of us have been getting into it a little early thanks to the popular new show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.

Before you finish the KonMari technique, keep an eye out for some hidden treasures.

"Every house that we go in to, just about, has a few treasures," said Ken Rose of Ramblin' Rose Auction Company in Waubeka, WI. "I'm not saying it's going to be a million dollar item but it could be a substantial amount of money."

Ramblin' Rose specializes in selling the old stuff around your or maybe a recently passed loved one's house. The first step is letting go.

"Don't get too carried away or partial to things," said Rose.  "A lot of people, they have to hang on to everything if it was Grandpa's or Grandma's or whatever. You have to kind of space yourself between what you really need and what you don't."

Ken says sports card collection values have plummeted and most china isn't what it used to be.

"The younger generation does not like china. They don't like stemware. You've got these beautiful crystal goblets. They don't want them." he said.

Things that do still have a lot of value: old electronics, classic video games, advertising signs, and vintage toys.

In one of Ramblin' Rose's recent online auctions, a lot of 8 Kenner Star Wars action figures went for $380.

"People go through their attic and all of a sudden find some of the toys they had. The rest of this stuff was nothing," Rose said. "And they have some toys and they've got $2-3,000 just in toys."

Antique tools and antique instruments can also bring in big money. Ramblin' Rose had an 1887 violin they hoped to get upwards of $3,000 for.

"Maybe get some money for this stuff where maybe they're strapped for income," said Rose. "And it has helped a lot of people that we've dealt with. Not only did I clear this up but I got money."

There are plenty of ways to sell. Use an app like Let Go or sites like eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Those are all more labor intensive.

Ramblin' Rose will come out and look at your basement or attic for free and tell you if you have anything.

If you choose them to sell it, they'll pack it up, haul it away, market it and run the auction. They charge about 30% of the sale in one of their online or live auctions.

For more information about Ramblin' Rose: https://www.ramblinroseauction.com/ 

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