Sheriff Clarke Responds to not Getting Picked for Homeland Security Secretary

CBS News confirmed Wednesday morning that retired General John Kelly has been chosen to run to Department of Homeland Security. 

Kelly was the commander of U.S. Southern Command until earlier this year. In that posting, he oversaw American military operations in South America and Central America.

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Before that, he commanded American forces numerous times in Iraq, and spent a year as the top Marine in that country. He then was an aide to defense secretaries Leon Panetta and Robert Gates.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke had been in the running for the position and met with President-Elect Donald Trump on November 28.

Sheriff Clarke released this statement to CBS 58 after learning he would not be picked, "President-elect Trump gets to decide who he wants to fill these positions. I like his decision on Gen Kelly as I do all the others he's made. Trump's election was all that was important to me."

Clarke also said, "I have always intended to fill out my term. I will do what Pres-elect Trump asks of me. All that ever mattered was to help Trump become the 45th POTUS. Mission accomplished."

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