Sewer overflow causes closure of beaches around Paddock Lake

PADDOCK LAKE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Sewer overflow has caused the closure of beaches around Paddock Lake in Kenosha County. On Tuesday, June 19 around 10 a.m. a resident saw sanitary sewer water flowing out of a manhole into the channel of Paddock Lake and alerted officials.

Village staff responded and determined the overflow was the result of a sanitary sewer lift station not pumping. The power to that station had been knocked out due to a lightning strike. 

Crews were brought in to restore power to the station and vacuum sewer water from ditches and roadways. Swimming beaches were closed and the Kenosha County Health Department has been asked to sample water near the overflow spot and at all beaches around Paddock Lake. 

No sewer water backed up into residents' homes.

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