Security called after drunk man with gun boarded MCTS bus

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee bus driver called security after a man was drunk and abusive on the MCTS bus Thursday, November 30. The bus driver picked up the man at the bus stop on 27th and North.

The bus driver immediately noticed that the man was drunk because he was staggering. The man began threatening another passenger and using foul language. He also made sexual comments and advancements towards the bus driver. 

The bus driver asked the man to take a seat and he went to the back of the bus where he made rude and obscene comments to another woman. Another passenger got up and told the bus driver that the drunk man had a gun and she wanted to get off because she didn't feel safe.

The bus driver immediately called dispatch and was told that security wasn't far away. 

Once again the drunk man came back to the front of the bus and made sexual advances towards the bus driver. The driver saw the gun in the man's front pocket. 

Security followed the bus at Center Street but did not board the bus. The bus driver let the drunk man off at 27th and Concordia.

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