Scam calls from yourself: what to do when caller ID says it's you

NOW: Scam calls from yourself: what to do when caller ID says it’s you

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Earlier this week, CBS 58 morning news anchor Mike Curkov received a phone call to his personal cellphone. The caller ID said "Mike Curkov."

He recorded the robocall on the other end and showed it to the Better Business Bureau serving Wisconsin.

BBB serving Wisconsin president and CEO Jim Temmer says Mike should not have answered it.

"All they're trying to do is find a live person," Temmer said. "To make sure that that line is active. So, the best thing you can do is do not answer the phone. Let it go. It's not going to leave a voice message and just get on with your day."

Temmer says these scammers started by spoofing area codes, then the area code and first three digits and can now spoof your full phone number.

He says you shouldn't answer any suspicious calls but if you do, don't say anything and don't press anything or follow any instructions. Just hang up.

The call Curkov received told him to press 1 to speak to a live operator or 2 to discontinue further notices.

Temmer also said there is really nothing to be done. You can report your experience to the Do Not Call registry but these scammers are criminals and are already breaking the law by making the call to begin with.

The only way to fight these calls is to simply not answer them.

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