'Reckless, criminal behavior has to end:' Milwaukee continues curfew starting at 9 p.m. Sunday

NOW: ’Reckless, criminal behavior has to end:’ Milwaukee continues curfew starting at 9 p.m. Sunday


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett ordered another 9 p.m. curfew Sunday night, May 31 until 7 a.m. Monday, June 1. 

Officers were on the front-lines Friday and Saturday night, after peaceful protests turned violent. The Wisconsin National Guard was called in to help with the city's unrest.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said more than 20 businesses were looted overnight Saturday. The night before, 16 businesses were damaged or looted.

In total, Milwaukee police arrested more than 60 people this weekend. Morales said only three of the people arrested live outside the city of Milwaukee. He said the rest of the people arrested live in Milwaukee.

"We can't blame other people. That is not the narrative here. It is Milwaukeeans that are creating this problem. The reckless, criminal behavior has to end," Morales said. "We will not continue to stand and let our city burn." 

Milwaukee Police Chief Morales said there are two things happening in the city: peaceful demonstrations during the day and then a small group using the opportunity to commit crime at night. 

"What does setting fire to a cemetery have to do with honoring lives? In the middle of a pandemic you are choosing to destroy your city and put neighbors' lives at risk," Chief Morales said. "We have told you repeatedly to stop your violent actions. You're being selfish... You do not gain anything by tearing up our community. No one wins." 

Mayor Barrett said he understands this is a frustrating time for the community and nation but it doesn't give anyone a right to commit crimes. 

"What we saw Friday and what we saw Saturday, was the vast majority of people peacefully showing their frustration. That is America and that is what we have a right to do... what we don't have a right to do is loot and rob," Barrett said. 

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