Puppies from overcrowded shelters get shipped to HAWS

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- HAWS animal shelter in Waukesha just got a big increase in its puppy population.

Dozens of pups have been shipped to Wisconsin from overcrowded shelters in Louisiana. They came in through a program called "Wings of Rescue". The dogs are frisky, noisy and almost ready for a new forever home.

"It depends on how much time our spay-neuter clinic has to get surgeries taken care of and medical exams done. And usually that means that if they came in yesterday, we may have a few ready for tomorrow, we may have a few more ready on Sunday, the majority will be Monday and Tuesday of next week," said Lynn Olenik with HAWS.

Wings of Rescue flies animals from overcrowded shelters to shelters that have more room.

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