Puppies, Favre & Expensive Hats; Another Busy Day in San Fran

For four of us here in the Bay Area, this is now Day 10 of the trip, and just like most of the others, it was another busy one.

The day started out with one objective: find Brett Favre. We got word that Favre would be doing some radio interviews Thursday morning and wanted to be in place to see if he would chat. When we arrived he was chilling eating some breakfast and then he went around to different national network and radio shows to talk about his career, give his projections on the big game, and talk about his chance at the NFL Hall of Fame.

Even though a few of his PR people brushed us off a few times, we finally were able to get him to talk coming out of the bathroom on the way to a CBS Radio show. He didn't have much to say but did give us a few soundbites about the possibility and probability of getting into the Hall of Fame.

It was a big day for big NFL stars, Joe Montana was making the rounds at plenty of stations, JJ Watt was doing interviews and Gronk was there as well. Plenty for football fans to get excited about! 

From Favre we left to do a story on the NFL Shop VIP Lounge where you can buy a lamb skin hat with 24 karat gold for $2,500! The hat is limited edition with only 50 being made, but that's a lot of money to drop and so far no one has purchased the expensive item.

Then it was a long walk through Super Bowl City to the pier where the Puppy Bowl Scrimmage was taking place. The event was held for nine hours and different groups of puppies were brought in every 45 minutes. The goal was for the dogs to drag toys past either 40-yard line to score a "touchdown". But, let's be honest, the best part was getting puppy kisses.

After working on our stories for the evening and eating some great San Francisco burgers we drove across the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island. The views from the island were incredible! A beautiful shot of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, but surprisingly you couldn't see the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge was definitely there, but unfortunately it is not lit up so no real way to see it at night.

Friday is the start of the official big game weekend and we are expecting fans to get crazy. We will see where those crazy fans and crazy city will take us! In 72 hours a new world football champion will be crowned.

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