Professor has Best Response to Student Skipping Class for Cubs Parade

(CNN)If you look at the ratings for Dennis Connelly on, the first comment reads, "HATES when people skip his class and doesn't take it lightly."

So not true. Just ask Kayla Adams.

    She's a sophomore in his criminal justice class at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Ilinois.

    And Adams had a dilemma.

    She has class this Friday, but she also really, really wanted to go to the Chicago Cubs' World Series win parade.

    So she sent him a short email:

    "Hi Professor,

    I won't be in class tomorrow because I'm going to the Cubs parade.


    His response?


    I think what you meant to say is as a criminal justice student, you are very interested in how police handle large crowds. For this reason you have decided to get first hand research seeing the Chicago Police work with a large crowd. I think it is very commendable that are you so dedicated to criminal justice, that you are spending your time and money to do this important research. Please be safe. Dr. Connelly."

    Adams told CNN she sent a similar email to another professor, but that instructor wasn't as understanding.

    But she'll worry about that that unexcused absence later.

    "I am downtown already," she said.

    Dennis Connelly though - Coolest. Professor. Ever.

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