Port Washington boy puts own candy into empty bowl while trick-or-treating

NOW: Port Washington boy puts own candy into empty bowl while trick-or-treating

SAUKVILLE, Wis. (CBS 58)- "To see a smile on some people's face makes me happy," said trick-or-treater, Jimmy Ward.

A kind gesture by one Port Washington trick-or-treater was all caught on camera.

Eleven-year-old Jimmy Ward was trick-or-treating in Saukville on Sunday when he ran into an empty bowl of candy outside of a home. Instead of getting angry that he wasn't getting any candy, Jimmy decided to put his own candy into the bowl.

Every year Jimmy and his brother go trick-or-treating in his grandparent's neighborhood. He says he was disappointed after finding out other kids had emptied out the bowl, leaving no more for the others.

The woman who caught it all on her doorbell camera shared the video on Facebook. That’s when Jimmy's mom recognized her son. She says she isn't one bit surprised.

“Well of course, it's just his heart, being kind towards others, said Jimmy’s mom, Jennifer Ward. “It wasn't really surprising I think."

"I didn't really notice the camera until the end,” said Jimmy. “I just thought it’s a nice thing to give some candy."

Jimmy didn't understand why the kids before him would empty out the bowl.

"I was a little disappointed that some mean kids walked up and just grabbed everything, because they're already guaranteed a lot of candy," he said.

He took it upon himself to make sure the kids behind him would leave with some candy in hand.

"It makes me happy when other people are happy, so I thought that might make some people happy," he adds.

"Since he was a little kid he's always been the one that gives," said Jimmy’s dad, Brian Ward.

Jimmy’s nice gesture was ultimately rewarded, because he ended up coming home with a nice big bucket full of candy.

Unlike bad Halloween candy, Jimmy's parents realize their hard work didn't go to waste.

"I’m super proud, it's what you want your kids to do, you know? Grades are great, but I mean this is the kind of kid you want to raise," said Jennifer Ward.

"To see him actually take to it and be able to do stuff on his own without being pushed and being asked to do things,” said Brian Ward. “It really - it makes you proud."

Donating his own candy is just one of many of Jimmy’s kind gestures. Brian Ward says this summer at the Wisconsin State Fair, Jimmy gave the goldfish he won to the girl crying next to him who lost. Jimmy even named the goldfish for her.

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