Police investigating arson after man's party buses were set on fire by unknown suspects

NOW: Police investigating arson after man’s party buses were set on fire by unknown suspects

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Imagine waking up to find your family's livelihood engulfed in flames. That is what happened to one Milwaukee man on Wednesday, Sept. 29 when two of his party buses were set aflame near 35th and Glendale.

Milwaukee police are investigating the incident as arson. They are still looking for potentially multiple suspects who Ricky Grandberry, the owner of the buses, says has left his business in shambles. Grandberry owns the business Ricks Party Shuttle & Luxury Rides. 

Grandberry says he had to evacuate his three children out of his home when he woke up to neighbors at 9:30 p.m. about the buses being on fire. 

"I was waking out of my sleep by my neighbors, telling me that my party buses were on fire. So, at that time I grabbed my kids and I ran out to the back porch, as I put my kids on the back porch, I went back to the front, to see what was going on," said Grandberry.

He says he has no idea why anyone would do this.

"I was so hurt, disappointed, felt betrayed, because I worked so hard to get to the point where I was at," Grandberry told CBS 58.

Grandberry said he bought the two buses to help provide for his family last year.

"So I took all my savings and I bet it on myself. I said I want to make more money, I want to have a bit better lifestyle for my family," said Grandberry.

He said his family is still terrified by what happened, and while he has forgiveness in his heart for whoever did this, he's looking to move away from the neighborhood.

"Obviously we don't know who the perpetrator is and my kids go to a neighborhood school. So I don't you know my kids to have to deal with worrying or seeing what they saw that night," said Grandberry.

He is getting help from the community with the situation through a GoFundMe page which he says he's grateful for.

"For all the love, the support, and everyone standing behind me and my family," said Grandberry.

Milwaukee police are currently seeking unknown suspects. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Milwaukee Police at (414) 935-7360 or Crime Stoppers at (414) 224-TIPS or P3 Tips App to remain anonymous.  


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