Over 48 Hours of Sub-Zero Wind Chills have Arrived

Temperatures Wednesday morning got as low as 4° in inland spots with Milwaukee hitting 10°. Wind gusts were very high reaching 35 mph at times forcing wind chill values below-zero all throughout southeast Wisconsin.

Expect wind gusts to 30 mph to continue throughout the rest of Wednesday before calming slightly Wednesday night. Sustained winds for Thursday and Friday will be from 5-15 mph with gusts to 20 mph.

Even though the wind will be a little lighter, temperatures Thursday and Friday morning are expected to be colder so wind chills will be similar during the morning the next couple of days. A few isolated spots could see wind chill values as cold as -20° which is borderline criteria for a wind chill advisory. If an advisory is issued it likely won't include lakeside communities.

The cold will remain the big story through the weekend with high temps staying between 10-15° and lows on either side of 0° with wind chills as cold as -20°. By Monday temperatures return to more typical levels in the upper 20s.

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