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Officials discuss voter disenfranchisement, mail-in voting

NOW: Officials discuss voter disenfranchisement, mail-in voting

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) – Wisconsin’s spring election highlighted how a pandemic can lead to voter disenfranchisement and that issue is being seen as an obstacle for the General Election in November.

On election day, voters in Milwaukee experienced long lines due to severe consolidation of polling sites from the normal 180 down to just five. On top of that – the absentee ballot option has faced its own challenges with an overwhelming amount of requests, returns and also reports of hundreds of ballots never being delivered to voters.

Democrats in Congress are hoping to include funding for expanded mail-in voting in states in the next COVID-19 relief bill.

But in a briefing Wednesday, President Trump voiced opposition to the idea.

“I think that mail in voting is a terrible thing,” Trump said. Without offering evidence, the president suggested that the system is rife with corruption. “I don't have to tell you can look at the statistics. There's a lot of dishonesty going along with mail in voting.”

During a conference organized by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D – Milwaukee) said she doesn’t want to do away with in-person voting in November, but wants an expansion of the mail-in system to help avoid spread of COVID-19.

“It seems to me if you’re going to contract 180 polling sites down to just five on election day for same day voting,” Moore said. “That would make more sense if people had a longer period of time for absentee voting and if they had had the option to mail it in.”

Moore added that more funding could help alleviate the pressure faced by a system that is not prepared for an all-mail-in election.

“We can see that the system can easily be overwhelmed with those requests and resources would be needed to do that, and so if, in fact, that initiative would pass, then certainly we would need the resources to do it.”

In the short term, funding for that is unlikely as Republicans in Congress oppose the idea.

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Ruth 46 days ago
And all of these stories will disappear next week if Karofsky wins.
Kevin Ruth 46 days ago
Nope - we should continue to hold Republicans accountable for trying to suppress votes no matter who wins. As well as hold them accountable for endangering lives and the safety of poll workers and voters. Never forget there are people in power who will go to lengths to keep people from voting because, as Buffoon-in-Chief said "you know that helps Republicans" when asked about low turnout. I for one want answers from my spineless Assemblyman who is a Republican.
ArtMarquardt 46 days ago
Evers wanted to mail ballots to almost a quarter million invalid registrations as part of his last ditch attempt to change the rules of voting.

Ms Moore doesn't know WTF she is talking about as Milwaukee had an entire month of early voting. How long before the polls close does she want to start.

There were some local issues with mail being returned improperly by the USPS and that should be looked into and those involved fired or otherwise seriously punished, It sounds as though the clerks and election commission had all requested absentee ballots in the mail in time to arrive by Tuesday so they could be returned on time to be counted. The federal judge in Madison that extended requests to Friday made that much harder to accomplish and his unlawful order that the polls remain open for absentee after closing for in person balloting confused the situation even more..
Kevin ArtMarquardt 46 days ago
the only state to hold in-person voting in April putting peoples' lives at risk - spin all you want but its pretty clear to me Vos and Fitzgerald and the state supreme court wanted to go forward for political reasons
Kevin 46 days ago
once again Buffoon-in-Chief says "look at the statistics" as if there are any out there showing fraud in mail in ballots -- just saying fraud exists over and over again doesn't make it true -- voter suppression is alive and well in 2020
Lawrence 46 days ago
Mail-in has been working for generations. Calling it corrupt is flat out lying.
They don't want valid elections with the greatest turnout.
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