'Not out here with any violence:' Peaceful protests follow decision not to charge in Blake shooting

NOW: ’Not out here with any violence:’ Peaceful protests follow decision not to charge in Blake shooting

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Protesters marching in the streets of Kenosha Tuesday wanted an attempted murder charge against Officer Rusten Sheskey, but they did not receive one.

“We’re trying to get some justice," Lake County Black Lives Matter founder Clyde McLemore said. "The video showed clearly it was attempted murder. Luckily, he didn’t die.”

Demonstrators wanted it known they believe the decision not to charge Sheskey was the wrong one.

“We need to wake up, Kenosha," activist Xavier Simmons said. "We need to continue marching throughout this community to make awareness, and making sound in the streets.”

Unlike during the summer, the protests surrounding Jacob Blake did not result in property damage or violence. There were 50-70 protesters who marched for about an hour, and then they had a car caravan from Kenosha to Milwaukee.

“We’re not out here with any violence," McLemore said. "We understand there’s a lot of groups out here. But we’re just talking. Nobody is doing anything violent.”

Protesters from the area say they want their community and the system to change.

“I’m trying to accomplish a better future for myself and my future kids," Genesis Goodman said. "And, you know, growing up in this, I just wish things could ultimately be better.”

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