Nonprofit thanks first responders for saving one of their own

NOW: Nonprofit thanks first responders for saving one of their own

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- On Monday, July 11, the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary praised the Milwaukee Fire Department engine 30 after saving one of their staff members.

On May 9, Dale Wilbourn suffered a heart attack at the non-profit. Staff from the homeless sanctuary said that if it weren't for the firefighters quick response, Wilbourn would not be with them today.

"I'm feeling blessed, I'm feeling really blessed," said Wilbourn, who is part of the security team.

Lieutenant Edward Nevins said they initially got a call that a person suffered a seizure but was still conscious. Once they got to the scene, the situation was grave.

"When we came in the staff was very calm, Dale was laying on the floor. We walked in and took a look, and I said 'boy is he breathing?' You know and we did our assessment found out he wasn't breathing he had no pulse and then started CPR," said Lt. Nevins.

Engine 30 did CPR on Wilbourn for several minutes. The 58-year-old was then rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery. A stent was inserted in his chest.

"I'd say I'm still in recovery now, I'm taking an aspirin a day and makes my blood run through and a few other pills but recovery, it's been good it's been good," said Wilbourn.

Wilbourn and his family said they are thankful for the first responders because without them they wouldn't have Wilbourn.

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