New Jersey Most Moved Out of State in 2016

(CNN) Sorry, New Jersey. While parts of you may be lovely, it looks like your residents are the ones most likely to pack up and get out.

An annual moving survey from United Van Lines reveals the states where the most people move to, and the states where the most people move from. For 2016, New Jersey holds the top honor in the latter category for the fifth year running.

    Far be it from us to speculate, but CNN affiliate News 12 New Jersey suggests the exodus may be related to "common complaints from state residents about high property taxes, the recent gas tax hike and the poor conditions of state roads."

    According to United, almost 70% of people moving out of the state did so because of retirement or job opportunities.

    But enough about Jersey! The hottest place to move to in 2016 was... South Dakota.

    While South Dakota certainly seems like a nice place to get away from it all, United's data shows 66% of South Dakota move-ins were related to job opportunities.

    Here are the other top states in both categories:

    Outbound moves:

    • 1. New Jersey
    • 2. Illinois
    • 3. New York
    • 4. Connecticut
    • 5. Kansas

    Inbound moves:

    • 1. South Dakota
    • 2. Vermont
    • 3. Oregon
    • 4. Idaho
    • 5. South Carolina

    All of this is great, but it does beg the question: You know there are warm states, too? Why is no one moving to Florida or Texas? Is it a job thing? Winter is real y'all, so enjoy your new place in Vermont.

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