Neighbors being let back in building after deadly fire near 44th and Arthur Court

NOW: Neighbors being let back in building after deadly fire near 44th and Arthur Court

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We're learning more Sunday about the aftermath of a deadly fire that killed a 62-year-old man near 44th and Arthur Court Saturday night.

While we do not know his name at this time, neighbors had a lot to say about what happened.

People are starting to get back into the building where it happened, at the time people say they didn't even know someone passed away.

"I saw them they brought down the person who unfortunately passed away, and they were trying to do chest compressions on him," said Mira Eaton, who lives next door.

Eaton says her bedroom is right across from where it all happened.

She said she tried to help any way she could.

"It was just really sad, I did bring out blankets for people, anything I could," said Eaton.

Shui Miller, who lives in the same building, says at first he just thought someone was cooking when they heard the alarms, but then it got worse.

"I said to my fiancé and niece, we gotta go, we gotta grab the animals, and when we walked out it was almost like it was pitch black, there was smoke everywhere," said Miller.

He said the man who passed away and the other person living with him were always a good neighbors.

"It was terrible because I've had quite a few interactions with him, always a really nice guy, always joking, quite a few jokes there were actually really funny," said Miller.

Miller said he's glad things are getting cleaned up, as they're cleared to get back inside their unit.

"We feel safe," said Miller, explaining he wasn't worried about something like this happening again.

There's still no word on what the other person who was living in the unit is doing now.

The name of the deceased man has not yet been released as the medical examiners office have not yet completed an autopsy.

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