Milwaukee reviewing "chalking" ticket policy

NOW: Milwaukee reviewing “chalking“ ticket policy

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A federal judge ruled that "chalking" the tires of cars when issuing parking tickets is unconstitutional. 

Now, the City of Milwaukee is reviewing its chalking policy. 

If you're parked in a two-hour parking zone, parking enforcement workers will take a piece of chalk and mark your tire. If the chalk mark is still there after two hours, you will be issued a ticket. 

A deputy attorney with the City of Milwaukee says their office is now reviewing the policy and will advise the Department of Public Works on whether they should stop using the chalking practice. 

The federal court who made the decision issued a statement saying the practice does not justify a warrantless search and was just a strategy to make money. 

The issue was brought up after a Michigan woman received more than a dozen parking tickets for parking too long in a spot. 

The states impacted by the decision are Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, so the ruling doesn't mean definite change in Wisconsin. 

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